Monday, September 6, 2010

Walk in the Journey of Life - 3

This is the 3rd post.  Three weeks have gone past since I started writing.  Lets see what happened during this week. 
The cloud cover on Ahmedabad is still very much the same (not great for photography excursions).  Watched the short motivational film ‘The Secret’ with friends.  The idea to see in a group was to have a discussion that should have followed – and it did not happen.  The reasons could be that we started the film a bit too late and mentally all of us were too tired and second most important reason was that the 1 hr 40 min film very much talks about only one line in different ways: ‘you get what you attract’; it kind of gets too monotonous after about first 30 minutes.  One feels like shouting: ‘yeah yeah…got the message …now move forward…’ and it doesn’t, as there is nothing else they have to say.
Next day morning went to a walk for environmental awareness organized by some school students.  Pets were allowed (therefore Smokey took us with him for a walk!)The walk was fun but one should have seen Smokey – he was completely exhausted!
Smokey with his 'pets'
In an interesting development, I happen to chance upon a set of 8 set DVDs of conversation by Shivani (Bhrama Kumari Sect).  The topic is ‘Happiness Index’; only saw two episodes of 1st dvd.   It was good and not heavy/monotonous like ‘The Secret’.  This was more tangible and we would be able to relate to what she is talking about as she peeks in to our daily life.   But the caution here would be to go very slow (if one really wants to digest what she is talking).   The culmination of spirituality was a lecture in AMA, on ‘Kirshna – the management Guru’ by Guru Narayanan.   Not good at all.  One of the reasons could be that I have lost the ability to sit thru lectures.   I think I had a bit too much quota of the spiritual stuff.   It doesn’t seem to be my domain – at least not for the time being.

Did find time to complete and go thru some of my previous sketches.  They are again pen and ink.  I guess that’s the medium I am comfortable with.  I am too scared of colours.  Though, the previous one of Jaisalmer Fort and Manoribel as attached here, are probably the only few I have done in colour 
Chehal Palace, Himachal Pradesh.

Tea House, Chehal Palace, Himachal Pradesh


There are a lot of people who have visited the blog and I would like to thank them.  I am still learning to reply to their comments directly form the blog etc.  Hope you all enjoy as much as I do.  See you next Sunday.


  1. Good Going Sameer.... keep it up.. beleive me writing this way is one way to find your true self.


  2. good work..... keep it up!!!

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  4. Nice Samir uncle, keep writing, good to get updates from you and Ahmedabad!

  5. Well, you have been posting regularly that is great. The work and blog is too good. Hope you are able to sustain this effort for a long time on continuous basis. All the best wishes for that.

  6. The sketches are mind boggling..too good..but philosophy and spiritulasim sounds a little offbeat - from you..nevertheless its a good change .. NICE TO SEE SMOKEY LEADING THE TEAM..::))