Monday, August 30, 2010

Walk in the journey of life - 1


This is my first day in blogging.  I have neither read nor written - ever.  And this I am doing by the constant motivation from my daughter.  She is the one who insisted in doing so.

I have not thought much about what its going to be like.  But I guess, it would be more like walking along with me while I talk.  Please try and read and if possible do give feed back once in a while.  I am not going to write philosophy or theory of every thing or high fundas of life.  Its going to be just about every thing thats going on in my life and my attempts to seek happiness while I walk thru the journey of life.  In some pages its possible that I would have written about you too.

I am in the 50th year of this walk (of life).  There are many ups and downs (so to say).  I have had a fantastic life so far.  And having realised that I am 50, I am in the process of trying to change the perspective of life.  I will make my best efforts to be honest in this blog, share the things I do besides my profession etc.

Hope all of you like it or dislike (the only way I will know is through comments; both: +ive or -ive).


  1. All the best,
    wait till you get hooked to blogging.
    Also, put up your sketches...and tag your posts so that it can be found easily by people while they google.

  2. It is really a surprise to see u blogging.Sharvari is right very soon u will get hooked to blogging.There r so many things u cant share with family and friends and this is the right place to open ur heart.Good begining keep writing,we will definately love reading it.

  3. Dear Friend Samir, its a good idea to go into blogging and share your heart with friends and family after the age of 50. Samir, just keep posted of your blogging activities. Wish you all the best and would love to read your blogs. God Bless!!!!!!!!!

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