Sunday, September 12, 2010

Walk in the Journey of Life - 4

“Life becomes precious and more special to us when we look for the little everyday miracles and get excited about the privileges of simply being human” ~Tim Hansel

I couldn’t agree more, it’s so apt as this is all what I am trying to look for these days.   Though I have got comments that “philosophy and spiritualism sounds a little offbeat - from you...nevertheless its a good change …” Keeping this in mind I will continue as I feel like.   ‘Change’ is the synonym of ‘life’, one must change – even lifeless rocks do change over a period to time, therefore we all must (good or bad is a matter of perception).  I am changing and will continue to until the day I stop breathing and at that moment I will metamorph’ in to some thing very different but my soul will still hang around…

Last week was as if entire city is transformed in to a very serious euphoric bout of religion.  All the jains (including me) had a sense of urgency to get rid of all the sins committed in past one year so that one could start all over again!  The socializing had stopped (most funny part is that client’s used this as an excuse for not making payment of our fees – including those who were not jains!!!).  I too followed some aspects of my religion by only eating absolute jain food (this I did with the sole objective of making my parents happy as I do not need to do such things to make my god happy – he already is happy).  As socializing -recreation and eating out is concerned – I need to forget it for a week or two as every food joint in town would be over croweded by Jains, as paryushan is over and Muslims, as ramzan is also over and Hindus, as shravan is also over.  The best part is that this year 3 major religious events – Samvatsari (for Jains) – Id (for Muslims) and Ganesh Charturthi (for Hindus) was on the same day.  This couldn’t just be a coincidence – there is a very strong message that – no matter what your beliefs/faiths are – GOD is one.  Every one is familiar with the differences of two faiths – hindus and muslims.   I fail to understand how could there be a difference within jains – some had their Samvatsari yesterday and some are having it today and you know what – it seems there have been fights over this issue.  I am sure GOD must be very upset and annoyed that he created humans.

As a feed back I got calls and emails from quite a few, informing me that they would like to join in the Ahmedabad Photography Yatra (APY).  I am making a route of this APY and it will be spread over 3 Sundays.  I am not sure how will we manage if 15 of us go to a place with camera’s and the reaction of people (anxiety and panic).  We will be a group of 3 and form (as of now) about 4 to 5 groups (depends on the final number to join).  We assemble at some designated place and after completing the first route we meet for lunch.  I will post the details by email to individuals in this week but tentatively we keep it for Sunday the 19th.

I am posting some of my pictures I have taken in different parts of the world.  I am going to upload all of them in flicker shortly but here are just a few.
Composition - Cat on a window sill.
Composition in Red
 The Kumbalgadh sketch is missing at the moment - I will locate it and post it in near future.  What I am attaching here are two simple sketches of plants from my farm (the message here is that one need not only go to historical places or great distance to sketch - it can be one right at home).
Plant −1
We may go for sketching excursions in future but for now - remember next Sunday, we have our first Photography Yatra.  Be there.  I promise, you will have a great time rediscovering yourself as you walk along with me sharing my journey of life.

See you next Sunday.


  1. Tears... because I realized I was waiting for your new post and suddenly thought"oh I wish someone would wait like this for my blog" :)
    For the photography yatra, if you have a big group I suggest you have 3-4 different locations, let people go in small groups, come back and share five of the best pics. then next time switch places/groups
    To expand the topics of your blog and divide them within the blog as sketches, photography, (cooking-soon??) use labels.
    check out this blog:
    group of artist cook and draw, sounds fun.
    next time dont forget to click a picture of your dish before you serve them.

  2. Change! why do u need to change. We all like u the way you are. The change that comes from inside is lasting all. Else is a mirage. Waiting eagerly for photography yatra to happen and like shar suggested it should not end before showing some of your culinary skills. All the best an keep writing.

  3. Sam, you were waiting for my reaction. Here’s one. I wanted to make this one humourous but on the contrary, it is not.
    @ “The Photography excursions” – Great count me in.
    @ Travelling back in time for the Jaisalmer Fort sketch, continue doing so. We want to see your sketches spanning 50 years. (From “Chote Baba kya kar raha hai?” To “Are re Bade baba kya kar raha hai”)
    @ 3rd Blog and The Secret, I kinda agree with you that the movie is wee bit long. But the message is forceful. Keep using the secret... no wonder you started blogging. I loved Smokey with his pets, keep walking...
    @ 4th blog – Life and Philosophy: Tusi great ho : D ..... you are already getting better in your 4th blog – in the stage of metamorphosis you are still a tadpole. We are waiting for the froggy stuff to come. BTW for photography beginners will simple cameras work?

    You have inspired me to revisit my blog of 2007. Apurva

  4. Really inspiring stuff. I had a couple of doubts with regards to your [rather radical] views on the futility of religion: On one hand you comment on the urgency of getting rid of the sins... Where do you stand to make that claim? [I suppose you've mentioned that you too were getting rid of your sins in the paryushan week], so are you by any chance ridiculing something that you'r readily following? :/ some clarity on the "for or against" stance for this practice, would be nice... :)


  5. Sameerbhai..Good writeup..I too was very excited about 3 festivals related to 3 diffeerent religious faiths falling on the same day.. I was just dazed imagining how busy GOD must be that day..the humongous mass of devotees trying to please GOD on the same day GOD did not know which way to look..ofcourse this does bellies on the basic assumption and belief that there is THE the way transmigration of soul is the very essence of I agree.. CHANGE is inevitable and one must adapt to change...just to make life easier, simpler and worth the trip if you want to life happily and make life happy for people living with you...
    Keep up the good work Sam Shah...if not on the Golf course..we can atleast get your thoughts here...

  6. Sam..One very good message I read inbetween the lines is.."You have taken the charge of life ..You are not letting it direct you ..instead you are giving a direction to your life..Changes are not happening.. You are making the changes" --worth following.

  7. Sameer-- great , keep on writing

  8. Ultimately there is only one God, controller, cause of all causes, absolute truth, who is called by different names based on language, culture, country and our understanding and realizations.

    Change we can't stop, our bodies in this lifetime are also constantly changing, at death we transmigrate to other bodies, the only thing that remains constant is our spirit soul which is eternal.

  9. Hi Samir,
    Congrats on your new endeavour.We wouldnt have got to see those amazing scetches otherwise.APY is a great idea.The most precious gift that a man can give to others is to use his wisdom and skills and compassion to help them says Bhagwad Geeta.You say that spirituality is out of your domain but in fact it can be out of none's.You just dont believe in ritualistic so called spiritual practices.Anything that one thinks, talks or does without selfish interest is a spiritual deed.One can never seperate spirit from the body during life.It's another thing that on majority of occasions the spiritual expression is clouded by selfish bodily expressions.One just has to be good without a reason to be spiritual. I wish you the best of luck in your journey.
    shantanu kirtane.
    PS.I am responding on someone's blog for the first time in my life!!